Baron of Apathy


Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain 1 (5 DMP)
Spirit 0 (5 SMP)
Realm 2 (5 RMP)


Durant – Apathy could resist more injury than an ordinary human, despite his limited Aspect. His skin was tougher, his bones mended faster, and he was altogether more durable. It didn’t help him when his head exploded, though.

Curse of Apathy – Anything Apathy touched that was made by, or born of, mortals would cease to care about anything. That is, molecules would care so little about their bonds that they would fall apart, humans would abandon whatever they were doing in favour of inactivity, and so forth. This extended to the abstract as well – touching a newspaper headline about some distant war would make the public (and the combattants) cease to care about the conflict. This costed no miracle points to perform.


Alas, the tale of poor Apathy. As related by me, Coyote!

Apathy was a mortal child who cared so little for the world around him, he trancended himself and became Apathy incarnate.

Then he went and got his head exploded and died! The end! Hahahaha!

Baron of Apathy

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