Coyote, The Trickster

Greater God of Laughter and Lies


Aspect 6 (6 AMP)
Domain (Trickery, Laughter, Nature) 8 (7 DMP)
Spirit 6 (5 SMP)
Realm 8 (5 RMP)


Imperator – As an imperator, and an essential creature, miracles cannot affect Coyote directly. He can also use Imperator miracles, allowing for more substantial creations and gifts of power than standard Nobili are capeable of.

Greater Shapeshifting – Coyote can change his form at will, lengthening and shortening, bending and twisting. He can appear to be any size, any species – truly anything. Coyote’s form is not bound to the physical, as he can change into unrestrained forms like music, or starlight. He perfers his own canine form, but is not adverse to taking the form of pure laughter. Shapeshifting for Coyote is considered a free action, as natural as breathing for a human. He can also use this ability to gain the Glorious gift.

Liar’s Tongue – Coyote tells lies as though he had an Aspect of 8. Miracles involving his lying ability are not considered true miracles, and are thus unaffected by the listeners Spirit (and are considered mundane actions for the purposes of determining actions in a round).


“Hold on. Omnipotence is tricky. Ah! Yes! You’ll be fine! You’ll only very probably almost maybe die. Perhaps! Hahaha!”

The first laugh there ever was came from the maw of the being called Coyote.

Coyote set the stars in the sky, and when he laughed, it made them shine.

Coyote’s laugh is literally infecteous, able to be transmitted, disease-like, among mortal listeners. Mortals have been found laughing hundreds of years later and generations of mortals removed from the original listener of the Gods laugh.

Of course, these things are all boasted by Coyote himself. And if there’s anyone that’s not to be trusted, it’s Coyote.

What the Nobilis DO know about Coyote is that he used to be a nature spirit, representing his namesake. With great guile and deception, however, he gained enough power to become a near God of trickery and laughter. Coyote now acts as an Imperator, holding sway over powers of lies, illusion, nature, and many other embodiments of cunning and wits.

Coyote has only a handful of Powers under his direct command, as he perfers to instead manipulate and command Powers by means other than direct authority. He’s eccentric, a little egotistical, and completely unpredictable. He is as likely to kill as to save, all based upon his own amusement and odd personal logic.

Who better, then, to organize a collection of equally volatile and rag-tag demigods?

Coyote, The Trickster

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