Duke of Time


Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain 4 (5 DMP)
Spirit 2 (5 RMP)
Realm 3 (5 SMP)


Durant: Time is more physically durable than Powers with similar Aspect.


“I have seen the future. You’re not part of it.”

Good day, mortal readers! This is the loveable Coyote, narrating. We’re talking about the god of time. And such an interesting Nobilis he is! I chose him for this task of saving the earth because of the involvment of his Imperator, Chronos. Indeed, an Excrucian Warmain has stolen a piece of Chronos’ flesh, and thus his power, and is using it to endanger all Creation. So, why not fight fire with fire! Or indeed, time with time.

Time, when he was a mortal, rebelled against his totalitarian, war veteran father and became a pot-smoking hippy. Haha! The sixties certainly were strange times for these mortals. I remember having so much fun, then… ha, but I digress. One night, when out of anything hallucinogenic or generally state-altering, Time ventured out into the forest, presumably to locate local fungi. Instead, in a starlit clearing, he saw a tiny point of light decending from the heavens. Naturally, he caught it, rolled it, and smoked it.

This was the former Nobilis of Time, and Time’s mind suddenly encountered this divinity and absorbed it, even as his lungs filled with Godsmoke. In that moment, he was Time, past, future, and present.

Time is laid back, retaining much of his 1960’s lifestyle throughout his reign as Nobilis. Still, this relaxed nature does not prevent him from valuing the safety of his domain of Time, and often he goes out of his way to preserve the timeline in its natural state. He has travelled across much of his own timeline, and despite his reluctance to interfere, he has met his dying self. Hahaha! Paradoxes!

As of late, it seems Time’s future has caught up with him. In a heroic sacrifice, Time gave himself to the World Tree to kill an Excrucian Warmain. The poor fellow is dead! Or was dead. Or will be dead. Something like that.

Duke of Time

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