Lord of Illusion


Aspect 0 (5 AMP)
Domain (Illusion) 5 (5 DMP)
(Fear) 4
Spirit 0 (5 SMP)
Realm 0 (5 RMP)


Body Double – Illusion has an indefinite number of illusionary copies of himself at any one time. All but one of them is invisible to all senses, and among these intangible copies is Illusion’s true form. When the visible copy would be killed, another copy comes into being (or becomes visible) somewhere nearby (randomly dertermined by the HG). However, to maintain the illusion that these copies are really him, Illusion must invest something of his true self in each copy. This means three things: 1) He feels all the pain that a copy would feel. 2) Only the copy that is visible can perceive the world, as intangible sense organs do not function. 3) Anything that is powerful enough to kill an Immortal creature destroys all copies and slays the true form of Illusion.


“All things are merely perception. In that way, I am the master of all things.”

Coyote here! I’m talking to you about the Nobilis of Illusion and Fear, one of my very own children! Indeed, when the previous Nobilis of Illusion was killed, it was clear she needed to be replaced by some handsome spawn of Coyote. And look! Some handsome spawn of Coyote!

He is one of my very own glass eyed men, and daddy is so very proud of his wee little Illusion. I birthed him and sent him into the group when it became abundantly clear the other Nobilis had no idea what they were doing.

This is still, unfortunately, the case.

Lord of Illusion

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