Pawn of Scotland


Aspect 5 (6 AMPs)
Domain 0 (5 DMPs)
Spirit 2 (5 SMPs)
Realm 0 (5 RMPs)


Perfect Timing (Lesser) – The Power of Scotland always arrives to any given destination with time to spare, as long as she could feasibly arrive in time. That is to say, it is impossibile for her to be too late. For example, if she knows that Excrucians will kill her friend in one day, and they have taken him to the deepest pits of Hell, but there is indeed a slim possibility she will arrive in time to save him, she always will. If she learns that the friend is already dead, events are locked in place and cannot be changed without somehow affecting causality. But as long as the possibility of being on time exists, she is.


The Power of Scotland (“Pawn” being a derogatory, yet official, title to describe Gods with little power over their Estates) is the very opposite of a seditary woman. She is an explorer at heart, an explorer of new and exctiting experiences. She is the embodiment of the casual fling, the wanderer, the hitchhiker. Such an attitude has been reflected in her relationships among mortal and God alike, both romantic and not. Most notable was a one night stand with the Viscount of Weapons.

She always felt a connection with the land Scotland and its beauty, true, but she was, even as a mortal, more a woman of the world, and not even Godhood could tie her to a single concept. Indeed, this would explain her fairly weak connection to her own area of governance.

A wanderer of places, people, and relationships, the only thing Scotland has held onto is her anchor, Cú Chulainn. A constant companion as she travelled through the strangest places on the World Tree, Cú Chulainn served as both a protector and a friend. After his recent death, Scotland was crushed, and has retreated to her Realm to pay her respects.

Pawn of Scotland

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