Power of Thread


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NOTE: Support tags are used to indicate characters who are played as an NPC more than a PC. A character must have been present for around 60% of sessions to upgrade to the “Main” tag. Support characters will often return to their Realms to rest when their players are not present.


Ah, the quiet Thread – a timid thing, new to the world of Gods and monsters, and understandibly intimidated. I, Coyote, am here to tell you all I know of her.

A seamstress at the turn of the 20th century, Thread’s skill and charisma had won her the respect of the constantly shifting fashion industry. Her ingenuity in clothing would have won her world renown, to be sure, had fate not intervened. Attacked in her home by an unidentified Excrucian, Thread was saved by an equally unknown force, pulling her into what would become her Realm. Shaken and confused, but given no explanations, Thread reluctantly adopted the role she had been thrust into. Never meeting her Imperator, Thread’s next encounter with divinity would be one that she initiated – attending a Godly party in 1920. Still, this world confused her, and she soon found herself swept up in the World saving heroism (in a manner of speaking) of my own brave little demigods. She’s quickly coming to grips with this new reality, and has proved herself quite useful.

The only insight into her divine powers has come when the Fates contacted her, telling her that the thread which represents her lifeforce is unnatural, and moreover, unbreakable. This may mean any number of things, however. How delightfully vague! Hahaha!

Power of Thread

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