Viscount of Chess


Aspect 2 (6 AMP)
Domain 2 (5 AMP)
Spirit 2 (5 AMP)
Realm 0 (5 RMP)


Bishop’s Blade – This ornate rapier serves as a focus for Chess’s Spirit. It holds 1 point of Spirit (bestowing it on the weilder of the blade). The Bishop’s Blade cuts not the physical, but the mental. A blow from the Bishop’s Blade decreases intelligence of any sentient being it hits, damaging with an Aspect of six. This does not cost miracle points to activate, and the decrease in intellect can be permanent or temporary, as Chess designates. Blows can also erase memories or cause psychosis for the duration of the effect but much like a blade passing through physical organs, Chess cannot control the exact nature of the damage caused.

Durant – Chess is significantly more resistant to injury than Nobilis with similar Aspect.


(To be updated)

Viscount of Chess

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