Viscount of Weapons


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“Bang. You’re dead.”

Don’t be alarmed by the magnificent text you are reading, dear reader – it is only I, Coyote, the greatest God of all! I’m here to tell you all about the Nobilis of Weapons and Victory. A fine lad he is, too!

They say when all you have are guns, all your problems look like targets. Hahaha! Well, to say Weapons is an action hero incarnate would be underselling him considerably. You see, Weapons was once a Spartan legionaire, the last man killed at the battle of Thermopylae – and for his courage and skill, was promoted to Godhood by the war god Ares. Since then, he’s seen many wars. He’s fought personally in the Excrucian infested World War two, and overseen most others. As such, he’s a fighting man through and through. Even if the questions are asked first, you can always expect the shooting to come later. Still, though “guns blazing” remains a closely associated phrase, he is tactically minded, and protective over his friends. Yet, he knows better than any of the powers that this is war, and a healthy dose of paranoia couldn’t hurt anyone. Ha!

Of late, our boy has been up to little, save a one night stand with the Power of Scotland.

Viscount of Weapons

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