Marchessa of Pulse


Aspect 1 (5 AMP)
Domain (Hearts) 3 (6 DMP)
Spirit 3 (5 SMP)
Realm 0 (5 RMP)

Bloodwalker – Pulse can transport herself to any place where blood has been spilled.

Heart Charm – Pulse’s true heart is not in her body, but in a box at the center of her Realm. She cannot take your heart from the box. If she is killed, she reappears in her Realm next to the box, with all her previous wounds, but alive. If the Heart is removed from the realm, or destroyed while within the realm, she is killed and her essence is erased.

Light Touch – Pulse cannot directly control her mortal servants, and cannot use any miracles through them without consent.


“Cursed to hear the infernal pounding of my own heart, I will not be forced to suffer yours.”

Coyote again, God of Trickery, Lies, and Laughter, here to talk to you about Hearts, or Pulse. A fiesty little thing she is! Pulse has a strong sense of vengence, leading to violent outbursts and general edginess. She wishes to be contained or controlled by no one, and Gods will often find her taking matters into her own hands. Though all is not as it appears! From an early age as a mortal, she was afflicted with the power to hear the heartbeats of those around her. She thought it a maddening cacophony of rhythms, but she could not abate her facination with the sound. She became enamoured with the force that caused the heart to beat, and set out on a quest of medical research.

Sadly, the era of her birth was not entirely accepting of her entrance into the field, and she was met with frustration after frustration. Stubborn that she was, she continued her research and medical practices in private, independantly providing hospital services for smaller hamlets around her native countryside. So it was until she died and acended. Hahaha!

Our dear Pulse was not thrilled with the idea of world-saving, citing her own bitterness as evidence she was a poor choice. However, I disagree. I’ve seen results from Pulse, if one can overlook the violent killings. Ha! I made a deal with her, and now she serves the noble cause, however reluctantly.

As of late, however, I worry for her. The poor dear! She has replaced her heart with that of an Excrucian, the hated enemy. True, it has kept the artifact safe… but how it corrupts her body, one cannot be sure. Oh well! The woman is confined to a wheelchair, recovering from a spinal injury. What’s the worst that could happen? Hahahaha!

Marchessa of Pulse

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